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Our number one priority. Sweet Sleep is the guarantee of an extraordinary experience! We follow you from the reception at the store until the delivery of your new bed. We are at your disposal and we share all our experience and know-how. Choosing a new, fully personalized bed that is suited to your comfort requirements, but also that meets your style expectations, takes time. We are here to support you during this process.

Tracking your order

Each sales order form requires one or more supplier orders. We ensure a daily follow-up of these. Once the goods have been received in the store, we carry out a detailed check to ensure the accuracy of the order and the absence of defects. As soon as your entire order is verified, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for delivery. We will set you a precise delivery time so that you are not stuck at home for a whole day.


It is possible that even after you have tried a mattress for a long time in our store, you are not completely satisfied with your new mattress. You can call on our Sweet Sleep Guarantee.

If the mattress has a removable cover then exchange is possible up to 90 days after delivery.
How does it work?
The exchange may be available after 30 days and within 90 days after delivery. Only the core will be exchanged. The choice must necessarily be towards a different sleeping comfort available for the model of mattress concerned. Depending on the mattress model, two to four different comforts (Soft, Medium, Firm & Extra Firm) exist. Fixed-cover mattresses are not covered by the Sweet Sleep Satisfaction Guarantee. The exchange guarantee can only be invoked after a trial period of 30 days. It is indeed proven that your body needs a period of adaptation. Although your mattress is new, muscle tension may appear as a result of the new position and the modification of your body’s support. The satisfaction guarantee can only be applied if the new mattress is placed on a suitable bed base. A worn base or poorly adapted to the mattress will prevent it from functioning properly. In order to cover administrative, travel and installation costs, a flat-rate intervention of between € 150 and € 450 will be charged to you.

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