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Boxspring is a spring bedbase. The construction is based on a frame of massive pine wood integrating pocket springs across the surface. It is covered by a comfort layer and a fabric of your choice. The boxspring can also be electrified.
Your boxspring bed is constructed based on a menu of options.

Your boxspring will become the main piece of furniture in your bedroom.


Chose your mattress very carefully based on your morfology, type of confort you are looking for and suitable for your bed base. There are several types of mattresses such as pocket spring based, latex or form memory materials which we will let you try in our showroom.


Slatted bed base.
Wide range of models and dimensions.
Fixed or variable bed frame with manual of electrified movement.
Slats are normally installed inside bed frame.
The bed base is the active support of your bed. A good bed base is essential to uphold the quality and comfort of your mattress. It must optimally support your body and distribute the pressure of the body weight.

Bed Frames

In massive wood or upholstered, the bed frame is the main decoration of your bedroom. The bed frame is composed in a multitude of combinations. There is a configuration that will correspond to your personal taste and which will match with your house interior. Furniture, such as bedside table, dresser, bench, desk, are generally available in the style of your bed frame to further enhance your bed room.


There are several types of lining materials :
We offer a wide range of duvets in order for you to find the cover that corresponds to all your preferences.
Different dimensions are available. On top of the classic dimensions: 140×200, 200×200, 240×220, 260×240 we can deliver any dimension to your preference.


There are two types of pillows, agronomical pillows and classic pillows.
For the classic pillows, there are two types of fillings :
We have a wide range of pillows which will enable you to find the optimal one.
Different dimensions are available. On top of the classic dimensions: 60×60, 50×70, 40×60, we can deliver any dimension to your preference.

Bed Linen

Sweet Sleep offers you a wide range of bed linen. In any material, cotton, satin, jersey, silk or linen. Chose quality bed linen will give you a unique experience.

Convertible Sofa

Sweet Sleep partners exclusively with Italian manufacturers of convertible sofas. It is a perfect combination of design and comfort that can be used occasionally or permanently. Our convertible sofas are easy to handle.


Nothing is more relaxing than to sit on an electric relax armchair. The relax armchairs comes with electrified back rest and foot rest. Some models have functionality to support sitting down and getting up.

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